Thursday, April 30, 2009

Why May 1st 2009 is important to YOU

Remember those things you promised to do, way back on December 31st? Those “resolutions” that were going to make THIS YEAR better than any other, or at least better than last year. Yeah, those. How’s that working out? Hopefully you are on your way with full sails, the wind at a pleasant 7 o’clock (behind and slightly to the left), and no obstacles within sight for miles.

For the rest of us, life has stepped in with little details (and sometimes rather large details) that have done their best to distract us from our goals and passions. This is the beauty of existence. No matter who you are, how powerful, rich, or beautiful, life will fling poo at you. To stay on course to your goals, you must have a chart, a compass, and milestones (which are sometimes difficult to come by out at sea). In other words, we can all learn a thing or two from a sailor. When you set out from port it is easy to say “I am going to sail to the West Indies,” by way of circumnavigating the globe, and end up bumping into some hitherto undiscovered continent along the way. While this worked out (in hindsight) for a hapless Genoese navigator, it often spells defeat for most people. Look: we (that would be you and I) need signposts along the way to our goals to keep us motivated and from wandering off target and ending up somewhere completely different from where we thought we were going to be at the end of the day.

But daily life is more like sailing the open seas, with only the sun and stars to guide you, than it is like traveling a well-worn path, especially now that we have collectively managed to sell our destinies for the ease and convenience of corporate welfare. Face it, few of us actually chart our own course in life as much as we glom on to some opportunity and stick with that, while wishing for something better. It is the dirty little secret of a global society, that with every possible life-path open to us for the first time in history, we mostly choose the easy way of working for someone else while we save up to buy toys to make our lives a bit more bearable.

Gone are the grueling hardships of pioneering and of new adventures every day. We are sedate and happily so in our world of TV and work. But what if you who are reading this wants something more from life? And I don’t mean that “something more” promised by internet marketers or “The Secret” insta-gurus who have suddenly found enlightenment through someone else’s book/product and now want to sell you their secret. You know what you want your life to be—and only you can make it so, with or without the help of friends and investors (of time, resources, and/or money).

Well, if you have a passion to get out there and DO SOMETHING with your life this year, this is the right time to be awake and alive. May 1st is coming and it is a second chance to make 2009 great.

May 1st is the traditional “middle of Spring,” and it is a time of great celebration and even greater fertile energies. Take this ONE DAY to reflect and remember what you set out to do at the beginning of the year and measure your progress to date. Now is the time to make course corrections and reenergize your batteries. I will skip the astrological and metaphysical jargon and reasoning, as knowing it will not help you empower YOUR goals any more than DOING SOMETHING ABOUT IT, so let’s just get down to business. On May 1st, or even the 2nd or 3rd, should you read this late, you will still be able to size up your life, your progress to date, and your goals, and change your direction, as needed, to realign yourself with your passions.

Can’t you do this any day of the year? Of course you can, but few of us do this at all, even at New Year’s. There are set dates along the solar wheel (a.k.a. “year”) that magnify your personal efforts, as long as they are conducive to your overall goals and desires. Think of it as swimming downstream in a river. Don’t be a salmon! Go “with the flow.” It’s simple math, really: If Johnnie is swimming at 5 miles per hour DOWNSTREAM and the current is rushing along at 15 miles per hour, how fast is he going? Answer: Not nearly as fast as Michael Phelps, but who cares? Johnnie is getting 15mph (or 3 times his effort) of free “push” because Johnnie is SMART.

Johnnie knows how and when to assess his goals and his progress and when to make course corrections, so that he does not end up far off his chosen path.

Okay, so you have no time for this: You just want to know why May 1st is so damned important, and what you can do that will REALLY MAKE A CHANGE in your life—right now:

Take at least 3-4 hours and a pad of paper, to help you focus. Tell your boss you have the flu. Just get some time for yourself. And… THINK! Think about what moves you—what you really wish you WERE doing rather than what you convince yourself that what you are doing is actually helping you arrive at some chosen destination. Pick one major goal, or 2-3 small goals that you have in mind to achieve this year and do some basic visualization, window-shopping, detailed planning, or whatever method your conscious mind adheres to. This part is imperative, because your subconscious won’t listen to what I tell it to do, it will listen to what YOU tell it to do; and that is the voice of reason, that voice that comes naturally to you through your personal brain chemistry. Your preferred problem-solving techniques work best to instill information into your subconscious, not some faux guru’s pre-packaged self-help seminar verbiage. If you just don’t get this, email me and we will talk.

So, you take some time THIS day and re-stamp the message you want your subconscious to pick up on. You re-prioritize, whether you feel “ready" or not. This is part of aligning your P.M.E. You can’t just “think happy thoughts” and expect the “Law of Attraction” to suddenly magnetize you to everything you desire. You have to start by realigning your priorities mentally. They ARE priorities because they affect you emotionally, so you have 2 of 3 already in process. This is the core secret of manifestation. The rest is repetition, timing, and helpful tools (affirmations, utilizing things like herbs and colors to help synchronize your desires with your goals, and so on).

Start by taking time THIS DAY and getting you head right. Then open your mind to the possibilities around you. Follow-up over the next 4 weeks by picking a day (e.g. "every Tuesday after work, from 4-5 pm over a glass of wine") where you will SERIOUSLY spend 30 minutes to an hour (or more) measuring your progress, realigning with your goals (mentally) and looking for possible opportunities. IF YOU DO THIS CORRECTLY you will see results. It is not HARD. It is simply a focus you need to start with.

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Okay, it’s late. If I missed anything, comment and I will get to it. Thanks for reading.



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