Thursday, April 23, 2009

Knowing the future is not controlling it

Hey kids,

Well it has happened again. If any of you have been following me on Twitter @AstrologyLesson or @TarotSecrets, you have read several admonitions and warnings I have been issuing. "Be careful, these are extraordinarily difficult times, but ones that will pass quickly; like a sudden violent squall that spends itself in minutes, washing the unprepared away with it as it passes."

I just got word that someone 2 degrees of separation from me just died in a violent car crash, leaving a wife and a two year old daughter. This is right after I shouted at everyone to "drive safely today!" Saying "I told you so," just doesn't seem appropriate here. What does is another warning to all of my friends, colleagues, and to our students, that you have an amazing ability to see into the future, and to change it intelligently, rather than allow circumstance to shove you around like a bully (or a seductress, depending on the day). But you can't save everyone; and eventually that fact will come back and bite you on the ass--hard. It is best to know this up front and to adopt a certain sense of fatalism when considering the whole of reality.

Astrology measures the energies of everything around us: the psychic weather (a simplistic term, but one that helps the public understand, without too much wordy explanation), and each element that bears the stamp of its creation. Astrology is not fatalistic. It is dynamic: we ARE what we are (after all, we have to start somewhere) and we evolve into what we become based on our desires, priorities, preferences, biases, and that old devil circumstance. We swim through the Zuvuya and we affect it as surely fish pollute the waters they swim in, drinking in whatever the water in their stream contains. But we as professional diviners and teachers stand above and outside the common, even as we frolic in it. We SEE. We change, and we must accept that sometimes, despite our best intentions the gods will surely laugh at us, slap us around, and kick us down the street (after stealing our lunch money) for reasons far to complex for our individual minds to comprehend. Of course this is why religion is so popular.

Don't be afraid of the future; no matter what you see. Good things happen. Bad things happen. But as always, "good" and "bad" are merely self-righteous alternate labels for "pleasing" and "non-pleasing." At the end of the day all we can do is gather our sticks, calculate the wind, and toss them into the air for the winds to carry as they will. We can practice (and we should) until the cows come home, but circumstance is made of the collective energies of everyone and everything around us pooping in the Zuvuya, even as it flows, ebbs, and changes directions according to rules far beyond our grasp, no matter how much we study.


  1. Very true (this is GlowStick from Twitter btw ^_- and I added you to my astro!blog list)-

    It can be a bit frustrating at times when things happen the way you think/feel but indeed there is no way to say for sure for anything goes at times when it comes to the universe;

    At times I *feel* that things will do go right for a friend or two, I tell them what they ask me when it comes to my "astrology" views and so forth and I warn them but I am careful now not to say anything that is too.. fatalistic-

    Lately my clarivoyance has gone way up and it is hard when I "know" something is not quite right and to keep my mouth shut, especially when I am an Arian ;)

  2. Sorry to hear about the tragic loss of life. I totally agree, it's out of our hands, one way or another, we can only guide and warn.