Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Make a wish TODAY (or tomorrow)

Okay, so this is really last minute--sorry, I have been swamped with "day job' drama (like most people).

There is a stellium you need to be aware of right now: Venus and Mars at 29 degrees Pisces, and Uranus and the Moon both at 24 degrees Pisces. By the time you read this the moon will have moved on. If you catch the moon BEFORE is explodes into Aries you can make a wish and keep focusing on it until the new moon. I am being sparse on the why's and the how's for now due to a shortage of time to get this out, and the low number of people who will probably get this information in time.

(and expect it to come troo!)

This is a very rare occurance, and you should write down what you want in as little detail as possible (2-3 sentences) and then expand on that into a paragraph. Be specific, and be detailed, but do so with a conciseness that makes it easy to read and remember, to pinpoint EXACTLY what you desire, without the distractions of ancillary fluff. Let those be considered "obvious" for now.

Burn your candles, pray, toss your chickens, make teas, incenses, or oils, whatever your personal system of manifestation has you do; but fo-cus! Focus on your wish fullfilment until April 25th, and if you really want to kick some ass, give it a full moon cycle (new to new), starting fresh on the 25th (after 4pm London time, or UDT or even GMT--don't write me hatemail about subtle differences--just DO it!)

The point is that you have less then 24 hours to get in on the good stuff. Make a wish and prraaaaay! Chant, dance and sing. Call down the moon. Call up Pazuzu. But get a passion (fire in yer belly) for something and get ON it! If you make a sincere wish RIGHT NOW and focus on it for the next few days, you have a VERY good chance of getting it--even if you are a "beginner at this stuff." Send questions to

Then post a comment here and let us all know what you got, so we can sponge off of you :-)


  1. should this wish be focused on any specific time-frame? short-term? long-term?

  2. Best to make the wish and not worry about timeframe ^_^ Good Luck!

  3. Yes.. Thanks Angel. This is an open door to ACTIVATE energies. The actual event is not as important as the momentum you build now, as this is a time you can make accelerated progress toward whatever goal you have.

  4. I'm really excited about this. I better go work on that right now.