Monday, June 22, 2009

The end is near! The end is... well, coming

Okay, so it is official: It is finally summer. The "end of the year" is on its way.

I don't mean the "HOT HOT CAR BUYING DEALS OF THE YEAR!!" Summer that has been going on for a few weeks now--Why is it that auto dealers have to f(***) with our seasons to sell cars? In the middle of spring they declare that it is now summer, and forget Halloween, it's already time for Christmas Extravanganzas!" Puh-lease!

But this is the real summer. It starts today, and 'Sef (Persephone) couldn't be happier. She 'n mom are out playing, so I get to give the update, being stuck here at a computer on a nice sunny day (bleh). Today is officially "solar noon." The (solar--the only one that really counts) year that started last Yule (it's that holiday a few days before xmas) at "solar midnight" is exactly half-over tonight. How are those New Years resolutions you set about to on Jan 1? Need a few more months to get to them? Need some more resources?

No problem.

You see, the eightfold year is not just some silly druidic/pagan/Vedic set of hippy-holidays. It is part and parcel of an ancient system of goal setting, monitoring, and achieving. It is no secret (except to those monotheists too stubborn to open their eyes and see the "Truth") that the earth breathes, that we have something called "s-e-a-s-o-n-s" (pronounced: see--zons) that readily show the change of energies that are happening in real time on the planet. These "seasons" can be broken down into triads of the beginning, climax, and dissolution of each season, allowing for further examination. The ancients had several names for all of this, depending on where you studied, but today, we in the heathen capitalistic pig-dog Western World call it "astrology." It's not about reading some newspaper or magazine blurb to see what will happen to you today (although that never gets old). It is about understanding the ground you are standing on, the air you breathe, and the idiots you have to deal with on a daily basis.

We look to the MAP, or CLOCK in the sky to see what time it is, not to see "what is raining down on us" like drops of water. Imagine a rain drop falling. It was "born" seconds before it smacked you in the eye (which should teach you to stare up at the sky during a rainstorm!). Thus your experience of it differs from it's creation stamp. Similarly, the effect we see in astrology is not some strange radiation beaming at up like some gigantic laser in space; it is merely a visual reference, just like when we see the sun at "noon" (which was really 8 minutes ago--oh go ask your astrophysicist--I am tired of explaining every little detail).

So today is noon, and you (we all) have roughly 8 and a half weeks until the next festival or major milestone. I once heard scientists were trying to work out a "Metric day" (Ten hours to a day, each hour divided by ten, and so on). That may work in space, but right now we are working off of a base 12 system for a reason. But let's say our years was a base 8. That means 8 seasons a year, instead of 12. Okay, so that makes no sense, right? Well how about we divide our 4 seasons in half and get 8 sub-seasons, each 8 1/2 weeks (or so) long.

Why, oh why would we want to complicate our lives with all of this? We have STUFF to do, and STUFF is important. Everyone knows that! We don't have time for silliness and falderal (or folderol, if you prefer)! What is this nonsense of 8 holidays a year?

Well, you see, each of our 4 seasons has a beginning and an end-point that match up nicely to the other seasons. When it stops being spring it is officially summer. There is no gap. But there is also a "middle of spring," and a "middle of summer," and everyone knows what the middle of fall (the "FALL" of the solar year) is. It's Halloween, silly! So we have the "mid-points" or "purest parts" of each season: Imbolg, Samhain (or "Halloween"), Beltane, Lammas, (Lamas are cool!), and then we have the 2 equinoxes and 2 solstices (the beginning/endings of each season).

Imagine a rainbow: We want some green from that rainbow, but green is a secondary color; made from yellow and blue. We can take from the start of green, on the yellow side, but that is all yellowy-green, and looks like baby vomit--no thank you! We certainly don't want "sea green," that bluish green stuff at the other end of the green spectrum. What we want is smack-dab in the very middle of green--Halfway between yellow and blue. "Pure Green."

THAT is what a mid-point of a season is. Today is 1/2 spring and 1/2 summer. We call if summer, but it is really that point between red and yellow we call "orange." Each day we will get more yellow and less red, until we hit Lammas, or "mid-summer" in about 8 and a half weeks. This is important to understand for so many reasons, but none of them will be covered in depth here. But we will yap a bit about what you can do with this:

Today "summer" begins. The sun (by our point of view) crosses the equinox and starts heading south for the winter--just like Daffy Duck. At "Yule" (3 days before xmas) it will get about as far south as it cares to go, and it will start the long climb back north. but for the next 6 months it is "goin' south." This is a time of days getting shorter, which makes nights longer, air gets colder--although you would never know that in the heat of August. To make the most of this time--to "swim downstream," and thus get freebies just for waking up every day (it's like the tooth fairy leaving you money every morning just before dawn) you need to work on your teamwork, "pull together," and all of that. Share times with good friends, and make plans to finish out the year by finishing what you started. Save for xmas, a little at a time, while you HAVE time. Look ahead and see what you want next year to be and make it your goal to make THIS YEAR a solid foundation for that. Give yourself a lot of resources for next year. Think small goals toward a big project.

You have 8 and a half weeks to complete _______. At that point it will be time to measure your progress, check and see what you did right, what you screwed up, and what you want to do about all of it. At that point are you still interested in what you set about now? 8 and a half weeks is an incredibly short amount of time, but it is just enough time to really get into a good project. A week goes by so quickly, and there is bound to be a day or two that just gets completely taken away by details or circumstance. But 8 weeks and change gives you a few "extra" days to cover for all of that. It also has you working WITH the flow of energy that is radiating all around you. This is not about religion or demons or what YOU call "God." It is about common sense timing and productivity.

You don't screw around with your sleep schedule willy-nilly. You have a set time to go to bed and a set time to wake, and things to do during the day (and/or night) and you DO THEM. Astrological timing is no different. you get 8 periods of the year to accomplish anything you like, and yo can break those 8 periods down into 12 periods (by sign), or (monthly), or 13 periods (by moon) as you like; or you can expand them to incorporate into the triads of the year or seasons (4 of those) and at every point draw from the free energy that is all around you, waiting to help you. No one in their right mind thinks that solar energy is demonic (except for greedy oil executives perhaps), and this energy is no different. It is (get ready...) "n-a-t-u-r-a-l." i know that a lot of this is anathema to some of you, and that is really too bad, but it is time to clean the shit (yes, I said "s-h-i-t") out from between your ears, and start seeing reality as it is, not through some fantasy that someone brainwashed you into believing.

The Earth breathes, and seasons change, and the energy that flows around us IS all around us, and it doesn't stop flowing, whether you personally believe it or not. Today is noon. You have 6 months until midnight. What will YOU do with YOUR life? Will you help make this world (and your life on it) better? or will you just pass another 2 seasons waiting for xmas?

Thursday, June 4, 2009

Patience--my butt!!


So Mercury is finally direct (a few days now). Wow. Really? Can you tell? If you haven't seen an e'splosion of frenetic activity and new ideas you are not alone. Schitzophrenic, crackling-with-energy Merc is slogging its way through Taurus. Ugh! 

This is like Flash (the really fast superhero) wading through a tar pit. Slow, sticky, goo. That's what my brain feels like. SeƱor Sun has already entered Gemini, and is happily traipsing through Spring on the way to the Summer Solstice (in a few weeks), the highest point on his path; the longest day of the year: high noon (in a solr year kind of way). The sun is big and bad and full of energy, and **also** happens to be in sporatic Gemini, while Merc is stuck in--Taurus. Jail. Hell. Walled off in a prison like Arthur's sword. 

Auntie Venus says to Merc, "Oh, you're not going anywhere soon you slippery devil," and trapps him (or "it," if you prefer) in her feminine sign whil she goes shopping (she's probably finding good bargains too, since Merc is in Taurus after all). What this means to us (you) of course is that collectively and individually our brains are genrally moving a bit slower, things that could save us time are not being remembered, and we are learning the values of (get ready for it)...


I have two words for this, the first one begins with a capital "f" and the second one ends with patience.

This is absurd and I want people to know that it is not them (you), it's them (not you--or "the gods are being jerks again").

In a few days (well the solar calendar says a few days--experientially this will feel more like a month!) Merc finally digs his way out of Taurus, Monte Christo style, and slams into Gemini (home sign--baby!!) and will light up the sky like a lightning strike. Of course the rest of us will probaby all be so doped up on forced stupidity* that we will all start bumping into each other.

So we have the sun filling us with frantic fidgetiness (I just made that word up) and Merc is standing around with his (or "it's")  head in the sand (literally!) while we are hopped up on solar caffeine. I don't know about you but this is driving me nuts! I am working on two new books, one which I have had to set aside until 2010, whether I like it or not, and a new divination tool (major project), and of course trying to get inspired to promote the new Tarot book (okay thre's a plug), and my brain refuses to work! I sit down at the computer with a triple dose of Starbucks and . . .

. . . 

. . . nothing so far. 

Keep in mind that Venus is still in Aries, so everyone wants to scrap--just give anyone you know a shove (and then duck!) and you will see the social tension/coiled energy--which is not nessisarily negative of course--just under the surface. Jupiter and Neptune are conjoined (Saimese Twins) in Aquarius, all buzzing with "hope" and "change," and electric energy on some ethereal wavelength (probably interfering with high-frequency communications), and the moon is flitting from sign to sign like a social butterfly at Prom.

So where does this leave us? I forgot. Mercury is still in Taurus and my brain hurts from using so many big werds. 5 more days. 5 more days! If I keep saying this it will get stuck in my head (Taurs=pattern formation).

Bleh :-p

*Note to those born when Mercury was/is in Taurus. I did not just call you stupid. I am angry that Mercury went retrograde in Taurus. I would complain if Merc went backwards in Cancer, Pisces, Scorpio (even though no one would ever find out), or if my pizza was 30 minutes late. I need to rant right now. You should too.