Monday, February 20, 2012

Fun new tarot game! (helps you LEARN)

I have been working on several new tarot games that make learning the tarot fun. I want to post an easy one here. I hope you will incorporate this into your practice with the tarot, as it will build your skills very fast on several levels. It is not enough to know the meanings of the cards. It is essential to know how cards interact with each other in spreads and how the circumstance and question involved shape the meanings of each card.

These easy games will help you do exactly that. Let's start out with one that you can practice alone, or play with friends. If I get enough comments I will make it a priority to post the rest of the games here as well. As always, these are based on the information in my book The Easiest Way to Learn the Tarot--EVER!! if you have any questions on that.

This game is called "Friends and Enemies."

This game is super-easy, but it takes a little thinking. The purpose of this game is to remember the images of the cards and to compare and contrast cards. All you have to do is pick a random card from your deck. If you are a new student, or at the beginning of your tarot journey, you may find this game easier if you just work with the "minor" Arcana for now.

The first variation of this game is called "Friends" (or Who likes me?)

Look at the image on the card. Get a feel of what is happening in the picture. Are people fighting? Are they being friendly to each other? Maybe they are alone and lost in thought . . . Just enjoy getting inside the picture as if it is happening right outside your window. 

Now try to match it up with any other card in your deck. Find the card that (you think) best matches it in meaning or general similarity (example, the 3 of Swords and the 9 of Swords both indicate despair, or great disappointment/sadness; whereas the 3 of Cups and the 4 of Wands show people having fun, celebrating; also the 7 of Coins and the 9 of Coins show people on a farm or vineyard). That's it! Work through the deck until you run out of matches and start again.

If you this variation gets too easy try "Enemies," where you try to find cards that have either the exact opposite meaning or are completely incompatible (like the 3 of Swords and the 3 of Cups).

It helps to lay out all of the cards in rows on a table, or even the floor, so you can quickly look over all of the cards, rather than thumbing through your deck, one card at a time. Full rules for the game will appear in the forthcoming book Advanced Tarot Secrets, but for now that is enough to get your practicing and having fun.

Here are a few examples:

Card one: The Star (Who likes me?)

Card two: The World (reasoning: Both have naked women--OR--they are both happy fun cards whose meaning is ridiculously positive)

Card one: The Magician (Who likes me?)

Card two: The Chariot (reasoning: Both cards are autonomous. They both hate to be told what to do and like to be in charge of their domain--OR--They are both alpha males)

Card one: 9 of Swords (Who likes me?)

Card two: The 4 of Swords (reasoning: They both have people in bed--kinda)--OR--The 5 of Coins (reasoning: Misery loves company) 

See? Easy! :-P

Please let me know what YOU think.

Friday, February 3, 2012

100% free tarot lessons (from the experts)

Hey, just in case you didn't know (because I keep forgetting to put the links up here), we have a free tarot course. This is a unique course where you will learn things you just can't find anywhere else--or else I wouldn't waste my time writing them out or recording them in podcasts. If you want to really learn the tarot, you need to do this--and it is free. 

Can you buy the book? Yeah, if you want to, but the course is free if you have an aversion to spending money--and it proves how much I love you (we give you REAL instruction--not sales pitches). So:

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Hey, thanks for reading. I will post a new blog lesson soon. The new deck, and my apprentices, are eating up all of my time right now.