Friday, February 3, 2012

100% free tarot lessons (from the experts)

Hey, just in case you didn't know (because I keep forgetting to put the links up here), we have a free tarot course. This is a unique course where you will learn things you just can't find anywhere else--or else I wouldn't waste my time writing them out or recording them in podcasts. If you want to really learn the tarot, you need to do this--and it is free. 

Can you buy the book? Yeah, if you want to, but the course is free if you have an aversion to spending money--and it proves how much I love you (we give you REAL instruction--not sales pitches). So:

Just a quick head's up. The new tarot podcast is already up but I have been waiting on an interview with the video tarot course lady to put out the new set of lessons. I may have to interview someone else if she takes much longer. If you have not signed up for the free tarot podcast, article and blog lessons, and eventual tarot videos (all of this is free) please do so at: This is my preferred format to help all of you learn faster.

If you have signed up, the new newsletter will be arriving shortly. In the meantime here are links top the first four. All of them are packed solid with tarot instruction you simply will not find anywhere on the planet:

Again, thanks for being here. If you need ADDITIONAL help I do teach "one-on-one" for $25 a week. Details are here:

It helps me pay the rent, and I really do cram your head full of tarot goodness, but I would not recommend you take a private lesson until you have the book. This way we don't spend your lesson covering things you can learn from the book--we can instead really get you learning the fun stuff.

If you have not seen the testimonials you will be blown away. My ONLY goal 
is to cram your skull full of high-value tarot information. But never stop learning and practicing. And don't forget that we have new tarot games in the forums--these make learning the tarot fun!

Hey, thanks for reading. I will post a new blog lesson soon. The new deck, and my apprentices, are eating up all of my time right now.

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