Friday, December 18, 2009

Is gravity really a generic force? I don't think so! (here's proof?)

(Just another re-post from Witchy Living--this one is a synapse-melter.)

It's raining today. I work outside--painting; so I have the day off. 11am and I am already bored. So naturally I did what any self-respecting Thing 1" (and yes, I actually have a red Cat in the Hat "Thing 1" tee shirt, which I adore) troublemaker would do when they found themselves bored on a rainy day:

I went over to the NASA website and pestered there astrophysicists with the following question:

Is gravity REALLY a "generic" force?

Gravity is thought to be a generic force.

But is it?

I am having serious doubts about this. If so, why do clusters of stars not simply collapse under their combined gravitational pull? What if elements in various states create a variable? Example: instead of Gg (generic gravity) the formula was more like Gaa, Gab, Gca; where (the composition/state) of elements times density times mass created shades almost undetectable by previous measurements, but while refusing to combine to create one giant wavelength of gravity, instead created a narrow-band spectrum of gravitational pull? I apologize for not having better terminology to explain my thoughts on this. But in this way stars would collectively tug on each other, but not massively gang up and slam into each other. Thanks for reading.

So I sent them that question--and that makes me happy. Stoopid lousy eggheads. What do they know after all, anyway?

You are "God." Am I wrong?

(This is a re-post of a discussion I started on Witchy Living that I liked so much I thought i'd repost it here, since WL is a private board.)

I was about to call it a night when I received an email from some "Law of Attraction" guru with the following headline:

Recently one of Neale Donald Walsch’s daily messages included the comment “You Are God”.

I have been saying that for decades. I think this Neale guy may have heard someone quote me. Actually my line would be "I am 'God'," and when other people would shriek in horror I would take my right index finger and jab them in the sternum with a short, sharp, shoving motion and say "and YOU are 'God,' and you, and you," going down the line. But this is not about whether there are in fact one or more "supreme entities" or "super" happy helpers. This is about who makes the decisions in your head.

I don't know about you, but I decide what color "red" is, and what chocolate tastes like (it tastes like magic!). I decide what rules I will follow, and what philosophies I will believe. At one point I CHOSE to believe in the whole Jesus mythos, but then I started looking at facts and testing out "whether magic really worked or not." Fortunately this phase began when I was still a pre-teen. You may be more tolerant of screaming baby idiots who refuse to hear anything but their own religious opinions shouted throughout their worlds (the perceptual area around them). Me? I am sick and tired of stupid people DECIDING that they are so pathetic and worthless that they must slavishly bow to an invisible entity (versus, say, respecting, dancing with, conversing with, loving, ignoring, shouting at, or simply "realizing there is nothing to do any of the preceding to" if that is how they happen to feel). It is not the fact that sheople (sheep people) are dumb. It's that they are so prevalent, and desperately afraid that anyone might discover the fact that they are wrong.

So, to me, magic is about accessing (insert preferred name or label here) whatever your path is. You can be accessing nature or Nature, your Buddha-nature, (Hindu) Godhead, (Huna) Godhead, God and Goddess, the fey, Loa, ancestors, animal spirits, or any other entity or energy you bond with. But inside of you it is just that: you. I adore the fact that everyone here celebrates (______) and accesses (______) through (______) and that this is an important part of your life, and that you feel comfortable enough to come here and share YOUR vision of (______) and magic with the rest of us.

YOU (inside you) is unique and special, but through your interaction with (______) you connect with all of us in our interaction with (you know who, or is it "whom"?). I appreciate that everyone here, at least to my knowledge, is comfortable with their own "divinity" (just a generic term, please substitute one you like better if need be) and can sidestep getting hung up on the misconceptions that somehow we are all flawed and need mommy and daddy in the sky to wipe our butts every five minutes.

So here's to you. YOU make the rules. You decide which rules you will follow, and most important, you decide how magic works and what steps you have to take to get results in your world (that area around you that includes everything you can personally perceive).

Thanks for being you.

Happy Birthday Sun! (Yule 2009 and YOU)

Hate xmas? (even if you don't) Here is an alternative that is MORE POWERFUL! And you can use it right now!

The sun will turn a "squillion" (thanks VSL! :-) years old on the 21st (next Monday). Actually, the cycle of the sun being as far south as it can get, and thus "starting the year" only goes back as far as there were people to see it all, so let's say about 10,000 years. No matter what path you follow, or what traditions your path dictates, at the very foundation of it all is the fact that it is still "the beginning of the year," and "the sun's (~10,000th-ish) birthday."

Birthdays are a great time to sit down and measure your life. Actually, sabbats and esbats are a great time to measure you life (every 8.5 weeks or so is a steady progress report system that will be covered in an upcoming book), but for now, let's just stick with something everyone can do. Once a year, after all of the anticipation and/or depression, the day and presents and ice cream all come and go. Now you have "you." What have you accomplished so far? Who are you? Where are you at in life?

An age-measurement birthday is a good catch-all progress check to see if you are happy where you are, with what you are doing, and where you are going. It is a great time to see whether you have accomplished what you set out to, and how far you are from your ideal life. Magical birthdays are an even better time for measuring progress, as they specifically relate to decisions YOU have made about your life. Magical birthdays can help you refine your direction, study habits and even topics you want to be knowledgeable about (this year).

This Yule, in addition to whatever celebration you have planned, I hope you will celebrate it as a magical birthday as well, looking back at your path as Monday approaches, and see where you have been, what you have learned and shared with others, and decide what you REALLY WANT from 2010. We all know the power of attaching growth to a new moon. Well, at this time you can make a wish with a "new sun" soon to be waxing for an entire 6 months! With Saturn fresh in Libra, the gods are decreeing this year to be one of "responsible partnerships." You can get physical help in achieving your goals this year simply by being open to it. If you design your major spell work and wishcasting around this, you will be flooded with help from others (some more reliable than others).

I am asking anyone reading this to seriously consider taking time between now and Yule (Monday) and reflecting on your magics and magical path. is it working for you? How can you make it more personal to you, or make your magic stronger? Is there anyone here who can help you make progress to your goals? This is a very special time in history. We have the freedom to assemble and the time to decide how we choose to invest our time (current life). We have a supportive group that is free of drama and assholes. You have access to friends and resources and tools, techniques, and information--24 hours a day--at your convenience.

I have wasted a lot of birthdays already. I am not wasting this one (Monday), and I hope you do not either. By knowing where you have been and what you have done, and really absorbing the reality of that, you can compare that to who you are now and where you want to be next year; and in doing so see a clear path to your goals--and you have help if you like. How often do we get a chance to stop and look around, and see where we are at?

Okay, so that's my idea to help make this Yule part of a giant year-long magical growth spell for you. In Summer you can work with the waning sun to "draw to you" anything you did not acquire during your expansion phase, and strip away any unwanted baggage. Thoughts anyone?

December 31st **Blue moon eclipse** spell ideas

So we have a blue moon on the 31st. But, this is no ordinary blue moon, and you should consider how you will capture the energy of this night to make not only 2010 great, but banish ALL of the garbage of the last decade from your life (while keeping the good stuff). Here is why THIS December 31st is special, and what you can do to get some of that for yourself:

First, a little background . . .

TIME magazine ran, as their cover this month, a crying New Years baby and labelled this as "The Decade That Sucked!", and they were spot-on. This has been a difficult birth of the most anticipated millennium in history. It's like the millennium was born with colic. Birth is an interesting way to look at this "end of the decade from Hell" as the (blue) moon will be in Cancer, where she is most powerful. This is "baby sun" (as in "New Sun"--it's like a new moon) and MOTHER MOON (she is full, and in Cancer--her strongest sign).

Add to this the fact that this blue moon will be an eclipse (so a very tight full moon--almost dead-center) and we have an especially powerful blue moon on the last day of the year, which is the last day of the first decade of the new millennium (psychologically). What we have here is a "troublesome birth" with a release (full moon in cancer) that vomits itself all over the "time stamp" of 2010.

The short version is that we have a RIPE lunar-solar magical time to cast "new life" magic on the 31st and then cement it by celebrating later that night--with a "kiss off" of 2009 and welcoming of 2010 as the first (baby) steps of your new life, being whatever you wish it to be. You can CHANGE YOUR LIFE IN ONE DAY if you harness this unique energy. In essence: make a wish and see it come to life, like "a second chance to do things the right way."

Spell ideas:
(Pre-Dec 31st) cleansing out old, unwanted crap, abuse, neglect, lack of esteem or confidence.

(On the 31st) any birthing magic with flower buds and fresh herbs that closely resonate with your desires and goals.

(That night)--party like a (Pagan) Rock star.

Recommended spell ingredients: snake shedding--use pre and ON the 31st in your day or afternoon ritual.