Friday, December 18, 2009

You are "God." Am I wrong?

(This is a re-post of a discussion I started on Witchy Living that I liked so much I thought i'd repost it here, since WL is a private board.)

I was about to call it a night when I received an email from some "Law of Attraction" guru with the following headline:

Recently one of Neale Donald Walsch’s daily messages included the comment “You Are God”.

I have been saying that for decades. I think this Neale guy may have heard someone quote me. Actually my line would be "I am 'God'," and when other people would shriek in horror I would take my right index finger and jab them in the sternum with a short, sharp, shoving motion and say "and YOU are 'God,' and you, and you," going down the line. But this is not about whether there are in fact one or more "supreme entities" or "super" happy helpers. This is about who makes the decisions in your head.

I don't know about you, but I decide what color "red" is, and what chocolate tastes like (it tastes like magic!). I decide what rules I will follow, and what philosophies I will believe. At one point I CHOSE to believe in the whole Jesus mythos, but then I started looking at facts and testing out "whether magic really worked or not." Fortunately this phase began when I was still a pre-teen. You may be more tolerant of screaming baby idiots who refuse to hear anything but their own religious opinions shouted throughout their worlds (the perceptual area around them). Me? I am sick and tired of stupid people DECIDING that they are so pathetic and worthless that they must slavishly bow to an invisible entity (versus, say, respecting, dancing with, conversing with, loving, ignoring, shouting at, or simply "realizing there is nothing to do any of the preceding to" if that is how they happen to feel). It is not the fact that sheople (sheep people) are dumb. It's that they are so prevalent, and desperately afraid that anyone might discover the fact that they are wrong.

So, to me, magic is about accessing (insert preferred name or label here) whatever your path is. You can be accessing nature or Nature, your Buddha-nature, (Hindu) Godhead, (Huna) Godhead, God and Goddess, the fey, Loa, ancestors, animal spirits, or any other entity or energy you bond with. But inside of you it is just that: you. I adore the fact that everyone here celebrates (______) and accesses (______) through (______) and that this is an important part of your life, and that you feel comfortable enough to come here and share YOUR vision of (______) and magic with the rest of us.

YOU (inside you) is unique and special, but through your interaction with (______) you connect with all of us in our interaction with (you know who, or is it "whom"?). I appreciate that everyone here, at least to my knowledge, is comfortable with their own "divinity" (just a generic term, please substitute one you like better if need be) and can sidestep getting hung up on the misconceptions that somehow we are all flawed and need mommy and daddy in the sky to wipe our butts every five minutes.

So here's to you. YOU make the rules. You decide which rules you will follow, and most important, you decide how magic works and what steps you have to take to get results in your world (that area around you that includes everything you can personally perceive).

Thanks for being you.

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