Friday, December 18, 2009

December 31st **Blue moon eclipse** spell ideas

So we have a blue moon on the 31st. But, this is no ordinary blue moon, and you should consider how you will capture the energy of this night to make not only 2010 great, but banish ALL of the garbage of the last decade from your life (while keeping the good stuff). Here is why THIS December 31st is special, and what you can do to get some of that for yourself:

First, a little background . . .

TIME magazine ran, as their cover this month, a crying New Years baby and labelled this as "The Decade That Sucked!", and they were spot-on. This has been a difficult birth of the most anticipated millennium in history. It's like the millennium was born with colic. Birth is an interesting way to look at this "end of the decade from Hell" as the (blue) moon will be in Cancer, where she is most powerful. This is "baby sun" (as in "New Sun"--it's like a new moon) and MOTHER MOON (she is full, and in Cancer--her strongest sign).

Add to this the fact that this blue moon will be an eclipse (so a very tight full moon--almost dead-center) and we have an especially powerful blue moon on the last day of the year, which is the last day of the first decade of the new millennium (psychologically). What we have here is a "troublesome birth" with a release (full moon in cancer) that vomits itself all over the "time stamp" of 2010.

The short version is that we have a RIPE lunar-solar magical time to cast "new life" magic on the 31st and then cement it by celebrating later that night--with a "kiss off" of 2009 and welcoming of 2010 as the first (baby) steps of your new life, being whatever you wish it to be. You can CHANGE YOUR LIFE IN ONE DAY if you harness this unique energy. In essence: make a wish and see it come to life, like "a second chance to do things the right way."

Spell ideas:
(Pre-Dec 31st) cleansing out old, unwanted crap, abuse, neglect, lack of esteem or confidence.

(On the 31st) any birthing magic with flower buds and fresh herbs that closely resonate with your desires and goals.

(That night)--party like a (Pagan) Rock star.

Recommended spell ingredients: snake shedding--use pre and ON the 31st in your day or afternoon ritual.

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