Friday, December 18, 2009

Happy Birthday Sun! (Yule 2009 and YOU)

Hate xmas? (even if you don't) Here is an alternative that is MORE POWERFUL! And you can use it right now!

The sun will turn a "squillion" (thanks VSL! :-) years old on the 21st (next Monday). Actually, the cycle of the sun being as far south as it can get, and thus "starting the year" only goes back as far as there were people to see it all, so let's say about 10,000 years. No matter what path you follow, or what traditions your path dictates, at the very foundation of it all is the fact that it is still "the beginning of the year," and "the sun's (~10,000th-ish) birthday."

Birthdays are a great time to sit down and measure your life. Actually, sabbats and esbats are a great time to measure you life (every 8.5 weeks or so is a steady progress report system that will be covered in an upcoming book), but for now, let's just stick with something everyone can do. Once a year, after all of the anticipation and/or depression, the day and presents and ice cream all come and go. Now you have "you." What have you accomplished so far? Who are you? Where are you at in life?

An age-measurement birthday is a good catch-all progress check to see if you are happy where you are, with what you are doing, and where you are going. It is a great time to see whether you have accomplished what you set out to, and how far you are from your ideal life. Magical birthdays are an even better time for measuring progress, as they specifically relate to decisions YOU have made about your life. Magical birthdays can help you refine your direction, study habits and even topics you want to be knowledgeable about (this year).

This Yule, in addition to whatever celebration you have planned, I hope you will celebrate it as a magical birthday as well, looking back at your path as Monday approaches, and see where you have been, what you have learned and shared with others, and decide what you REALLY WANT from 2010. We all know the power of attaching growth to a new moon. Well, at this time you can make a wish with a "new sun" soon to be waxing for an entire 6 months! With Saturn fresh in Libra, the gods are decreeing this year to be one of "responsible partnerships." You can get physical help in achieving your goals this year simply by being open to it. If you design your major spell work and wishcasting around this, you will be flooded with help from others (some more reliable than others).

I am asking anyone reading this to seriously consider taking time between now and Yule (Monday) and reflecting on your magics and magical path. is it working for you? How can you make it more personal to you, or make your magic stronger? Is there anyone here who can help you make progress to your goals? This is a very special time in history. We have the freedom to assemble and the time to decide how we choose to invest our time (current life). We have a supportive group that is free of drama and assholes. You have access to friends and resources and tools, techniques, and information--24 hours a day--at your convenience.

I have wasted a lot of birthdays already. I am not wasting this one (Monday), and I hope you do not either. By knowing where you have been and what you have done, and really absorbing the reality of that, you can compare that to who you are now and where you want to be next year; and in doing so see a clear path to your goals--and you have help if you like. How often do we get a chance to stop and look around, and see where we are at?

Okay, so that's my idea to help make this Yule part of a giant year-long magical growth spell for you. In Summer you can work with the waning sun to "draw to you" anything you did not acquire during your expansion phase, and strip away any unwanted baggage. Thoughts anyone?

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