Thursday, June 4, 2009

Patience--my butt!!


So Mercury is finally direct (a few days now). Wow. Really? Can you tell? If you haven't seen an e'splosion of frenetic activity and new ideas you are not alone. Schitzophrenic, crackling-with-energy Merc is slogging its way through Taurus. Ugh! 

This is like Flash (the really fast superhero) wading through a tar pit. Slow, sticky, goo. That's what my brain feels like. SeƱor Sun has already entered Gemini, and is happily traipsing through Spring on the way to the Summer Solstice (in a few weeks), the highest point on his path; the longest day of the year: high noon (in a solr year kind of way). The sun is big and bad and full of energy, and **also** happens to be in sporatic Gemini, while Merc is stuck in--Taurus. Jail. Hell. Walled off in a prison like Arthur's sword. 

Auntie Venus says to Merc, "Oh, you're not going anywhere soon you slippery devil," and trapps him (or "it," if you prefer) in her feminine sign whil she goes shopping (she's probably finding good bargains too, since Merc is in Taurus after all). What this means to us (you) of course is that collectively and individually our brains are genrally moving a bit slower, things that could save us time are not being remembered, and we are learning the values of (get ready for it)...


I have two words for this, the first one begins with a capital "f" and the second one ends with patience.

This is absurd and I want people to know that it is not them (you), it's them (not you--or "the gods are being jerks again").

In a few days (well the solar calendar says a few days--experientially this will feel more like a month!) Merc finally digs his way out of Taurus, Monte Christo style, and slams into Gemini (home sign--baby!!) and will light up the sky like a lightning strike. Of course the rest of us will probaby all be so doped up on forced stupidity* that we will all start bumping into each other.

So we have the sun filling us with frantic fidgetiness (I just made that word up) and Merc is standing around with his (or "it's")  head in the sand (literally!) while we are hopped up on solar caffeine. I don't know about you but this is driving me nuts! I am working on two new books, one which I have had to set aside until 2010, whether I like it or not, and a new divination tool (major project), and of course trying to get inspired to promote the new Tarot book (okay thre's a plug), and my brain refuses to work! I sit down at the computer with a triple dose of Starbucks and . . .

. . . 

. . . nothing so far. 

Keep in mind that Venus is still in Aries, so everyone wants to scrap--just give anyone you know a shove (and then duck!) and you will see the social tension/coiled energy--which is not nessisarily negative of course--just under the surface. Jupiter and Neptune are conjoined (Saimese Twins) in Aquarius, all buzzing with "hope" and "change," and electric energy on some ethereal wavelength (probably interfering with high-frequency communications), and the moon is flitting from sign to sign like a social butterfly at Prom.

So where does this leave us? I forgot. Mercury is still in Taurus and my brain hurts from using so many big werds. 5 more days. 5 more days! If I keep saying this it will get stuck in my head (Taurs=pattern formation).

Bleh :-p

*Note to those born when Mercury was/is in Taurus. I did not just call you stupid. I am angry that Mercury went retrograde in Taurus. I would complain if Merc went backwards in Cancer, Pisces, Scorpio (even though no one would ever find out), or if my pizza was 30 minutes late. I need to rant right now. You should too.


  1. LOL, indeed! Been spinning my wheels for the longest, started after Mercury went direct, whee! Then oh noes, Neptune goes retro, threw me for a loop, lol. Now I'm gliding along, row, row, row your boat ... Taurus, you can't push it, they only resist even more, lol. Hey Dusty, I've got Jupiter in Taurus at 24:54 Rx natally, lol, so I guess I'm lucky at waiting for stuff now. Took me 44 yrs to learn this though, I feel your frustration. Pluto in Capricorn sitting on my moon and Saturn sitting on my Pluto in exact conjunction at 15:11 Virgo, means I've learned this lesson well! I guess we are learning to look before we leap, even though Gemini is dying to leap over that mountain that looks like a molehill X-D

    Tea is my relaxation method, it's soothing and makes me calm, lol. Red Rose Tea. I've also cleaned everything that can be cleaned and am reading 3 books at once, trying everything I can get my greedy little hands on ... perhaps some frenetic fidgeting is in order! X-D

    As I write this I've checked the ephemeris and Saturn is now at 15:12 Virgo, lol

  2. PS Two of the books I'm reading are The Easiest Way to Learn the Tarot - EVER!! And How to Get ANY MAN to do ANYTHING You Want! X-D 2 Awesomely informative and humorous books written by a wonderful Genius, eh, some guy named Mister X? lol ^_^