Thursday, November 4, 2010

This is a non-Tarot specific post, but I love this FREE website/software so much I have to share the love. It's called:

It is a free online Photoshop clone. It does not do everything PS does, but it does far more than most of us ever need to worry about, and it is free (not $1,000), available anywhere you have an internet connection--super easy to use--and perfect for quick photo edits (complex or simple).

I have had PS before, and I may break down and but a new copy again when I can afford it for my new computer (I lost it when my old computer died). But for now I am using Paint Shop Pro, which is fairly powerful, but slow and takes forever to load up. starts right up and you can even log-in and save your images online. At least I think so. I have signed up but not saved anything online. I am in love with this simple tool as it is easy and it works. I guess this would be "cloud computing," something I am not a huge fan of, but in this case, being as it is free, I am a big fan, and wanted to spread the love. I highly recommend you try it. It works for me--and there is no money involved at all. I make nothing off of this, and you can't either. But you can edit your photos fast and free in a "Photoshop lite" online environment.

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