Tuesday, November 9, 2010

The EASIEST way to learn the tarot

Okay, so you have an invitation to a party tonight and you have three hours to master the Tarot and impress all of the hotties there. What's a single person to do? You could order my book (The Easiest Way to Learn the Tarot--EVER!!), but Amazon can't deliver in 3 hours, so you have to do it on your own. Okay, so let's get to it, since time is short. You do have a deck of cards, right?

Okay, so this method ONLY WORKS if you have cards that have actual images on them. Some decks have only pictures of coins, crystals, wands, swords, or whatnot--just like "regular" playing cards have diamonds, clubs, and hearts. What you need is something with a picture. This helps you decipher the card's meaning, but it also gives your audience something to focus on, rather than other hotties at the party.

Take your deck (I will just assume you have one) and start flipping through cards. make two piles. the first pile will be cards that grab your attention, the second will be cards that do nothing for you. What we are doing is looking at each card for a few seconds and seeing if you can figure out what is going on in that card. Is someone fighting? This may indicate a fight in the future. Are two people kissing? Well, good times await! Is someone getting paid? (Hopefully not for kissing--but I have no desire to judge people's lifestyles)

This is not going to help you master the Tarot, or convince people that you have magical powers, but it will familiarize you with the cards you hold, and see the real purpose of the cards is to b able to react to the images you see. See something you don't like? Congratulations, you are reading the Tarot (on a very basic level--but it is a good start). A card that offends you is a warning sign to change directions. If the whole deck offends you by the way you should set it down and go do something else, like fix a car, or play Canasta. Maybe go read a book or something. Only education can overcome religious prejudice.

Okay, so let's say you see some cards that look like fun (someone has a lot of money, or they are happy, or they have a date, they are dancing, or if you think fighting is fun: they are fighting); and you see cards that look miserable. All you are doing is seeing snapshots of life. Every day brings fun and dismay to people all over the world. Some people have easy lives, others have hellish existences (usually because of other people). The Tarot shows us life--not some candy land reality where we only see what we want to see. Again--if you are afraid of the future, you should have mommy and daddy protect you even when you are 40. It's a harsh world out there.

I include these asides, as you will find when reading that people come to you seeking answers but they also bring personal prejudices with them, like baggage in an airport--and they will want to share their beliefs with you; as if you want to hear them and instantly agree. Everyone has an opinion on the future: some don't want to know what will happen to them tomorrow or next week. Others plan their future carefully. Still others plan YOUR future and try their best to make money off of it. The tarot simply allows you to see if you can guess what might be coming up, and therefore be forewarned. Forewarned is forearmed.

So, how do we take these random images and make them make sense and have some fun at the party (you are going to buy a copy of my book, right? It comes with free online support!) and get you dates with all of the hotties? Well as for dates you are on your own (that's my OTHER book :-) ) but for right now I want you to see how the cards are merely pictures of things happening to people. That is the real secret of the Tarot. The skill is in you. When a card comes up look at it as a day, as in the phrase: "Ever have one of those days?"

So what is that day like? Payday? break up with your boyfriend day? Girl's/guys's night out? One card can sum up a day--or it can show an event to come. Or it can describe a mood you are in, a goal you want to achieve, o something left behind. This is why we have spreads. "Spreads" are blank charts where you put cards. Place #1 shows this, place #2 shows that... that's all they are. Here is an easy party spread:

Place #1 (Put a card down): This is what you want.
Place #2 (Put a card down next to it) This is what stands in your way.
Place #3 (Put a card down next to card #2) This is what wants to help you.
Place #4 (Put a card down next to card #3) This is what you will probably get.

See? Nice and easy.

You can do lots of spreads, but the point is to relax and have fun pointing out what you see in a card and allowing your querent ("querent" the person who asks you for a reading) to yap with you about what that card means to them ("Oh! That must be my boyfriend! He is...") and make the process fun. Don't try to impress everyone with your "mad skills." Just have fun. TELL THEM you are a student and are just practicing. They will not mind at all, and some people will even try to teach you some useless information about the Tarot. Occasionally you will even meet a real Tarot journeyman (skilled reader) who will show you a few neat tricks.

Combining cards: For now let's stick to two cards. Remember the kissing and the fighting above? (Is someone fighting? This may indicate a fight in the future. Are two people kissing? Well, good times await!) Well what if two people kissing leads to people fighting--and doesn't this happen a LOT at parties anyway? Or, what if two people fighting leads to two people kissing. Here we are simply telling a story with the images on the deck. First you kiss and then her boyfriend comes over and says "not with MY girlfriend!"

See how easy this is?

Try putting two cards together and seeing if they make sense. If not, pick two other cards. This is not a crash-course in the Tarot. It is just a fun article on how to get through the night and have some fun. Don't take anything you see too seriously. You will just spook yourself. And if you are reading at a party and you don;t know what you are doing, take out all of the "major" Arcana cards and put them back in the box, or stuff them away safely (so they don't get wet, lost, or bent). No sense confusing yourself or scaring people when the "Death" card shows up, or "The Devil." people's superstitions will rise up and make up all sorts of idiotic nonsense and ruin the party. Just have fun, and all will be well.

If you really would like to learn the Tarot, please check out a copy of my book, The Easiest Way to Learn the Tarot--EVER!! on Amazon. It really works, and it is really EASY, and I like to think it is fun. So far people like it. I am very lucky that way. And it comes with free online support from the author (me!)

Alright, now take your deck (but not the "major" Arcana -- the ones with the names on the cards) and go play!

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