Saturday, November 6, 2010

Another astrology post. New Tarot one coming soon

Hi again :-)

I am getting ready for our scorpio podcast tonight, and I was reading someone's post on how their Jupiter is here and their Uranus is there, and they included something that looked like a paragraph of generic computer read-out, and it just made me want to set a few things straight. With all due respect, assignation of individual traits to outer planets who change signs at the least every year (Jupiter) or take several years to change signs is a tricky business. You see, you have a generation of people to describe, not just one.

Let's take Jupiter for example: It takes Jupiter roughly twelve years to go around the sun--or one Jupiter year (trip around the sun) is twelve "earth trips around the sun," or 12 earth-years. So, here we are with a full year in Aries (I have Jupiter n Aries, and I think everyone should).

133 million new screaming babies enter the world every year. That's a lot of Huggies(tm)! That is 133 million new "Jupiter in Aries" brats, all with the same description above. That means that EVERY ONE OF THEM is an individualist. If you were born in (Jupiter in Aries year) you are this. That much I subscribe to, as I am a professional astrologer of many decades. However, we have to be careful how much personality weight we place on it and how much individualism. I can see how Sag's born with Jupiter in Pisces differ from me, but there is a lot more to be considered. In the case of outer planets, especially trans-Saturn, where planets stay in signs for 10, 12, even 21 years (oops! Pluto is NOT a planet), assigning characteristics to individuals means you are describing generations of people. Not everyone born with Pluto in Scorpio is dark, mysterious, sexy, powerful, and interested in the occult.

This presents a real problem. We can't--and shouldn't--ignore the location of the outer planets, but as they are more of an overall backdrop (e.g. we had a picnic in SUMMER, not we had a picnic on Tuesday at 6pm before the sun set) instead of an event or specific quality we can point to we have to see them as a trend, and their importance now becomes clear when we see how they relate to other planets by sign and house position.

Let's say my Jupiter is in Aries. Okay, woohoo--so are 133 million other people, and then another 133 million who are 12 years older than I am, another 133 million who are 12 years younger than I am, another 133 million who are 24 years older than I am, and another 133 million who are 24 years younger than I am (and so on...) The numbers are FAR worse for Saturn, and onward.

But, *my* Jupiter is squaring Mars! Ah....ha! Oh shit. Thanks "God!" dammit! This sucks! Well, my Jupiter is conjunct my midheaven (yaaay!). Okay, so I have hat going for me. Well, you take the good with the bad. My Saturn is in Aquarius (along with over 250 million other people who are 1 year older or younger than me) but it aspects----nothing. So it is not as much of an issue. It is not a stone around my neck. But, I have 4 primary planets in Capricorn (dammit!--again). Well now Saturn is super-powerful in my chart. I am a stone around my own neck. I feel like Sisyphus some days.

So, this is not for casual perusal. Otherwise we get into useless stereotypes. Astrology works, but it takes some real digging to get to the facts beyond the "sun is up-that mean's it's daytime all over the earth" mentality that is so prevalent in pop-astrology. Unfortunately there has not yet been a computer programmed with enough information to really create a valid horoscope interpretation. We can paint images in broad strokes with a fat brush, but detail eludes us. Until someone who knows all of this stuff intimately sits down and spends a few years inputting all of the variables--and it would be best done as a team project, like the pyramids--we simply cannot trust generic computer meanings and MUST rely on competent astrologers.

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