Sunday, January 25, 2009

The magic side of life . . .

OMG I love it!

I am watching the old Bewitched TV show
on Netflix and Endora is schooling Derwood on magic, after he boasts how his wife (whom he presumes to have domination over) "doesn't need any of that other nonsense." She replies in a perfect deadpan (and I could not have phrased it better myself):

"What is normal to you, young man, is to us asinine."

Isn't it funny how people who have never studied, witnessed, or experienced
the wonders of what we will call "magic" (for the sake of the general populace, to whom any unexplained phenomena is either miraculous or magic) assume that it is some kind of hocus-pocus, or involves the most foul substances and practices.

Magic, especially that involving the Tarot is generally a very clean affair. In fact, we spend more time cleaning the gunk of daily life away in preparation to do magic so that we are clear to "communicate with the divine" than we do actually in ritual, which is sad, because magic really is inherent to life. It is life. It is the spark of life. Magic is not messy. Life is messy. People can be (when they are at their worst) dishonest, rude, judgmental, and malicious, and none of this has anything to do with magic. "Magic" requires you to be clear of thought, focused in your purpose, aligned with nature (or "God" if you need a term that is acceptable to your understanding of the world around you), and you need to expend actual energy, to get results. It is no wonder that faeries (people and the ethereal--enroll in the mystery school if you need clarification) are in tune with magic and laugh gleefully at the thought of limiting your magic to a church, temple, or circle. Spellcasters are such funny people to creatures of magic, but no less welcome in the fun. But this is not a lesson on magic. That would take far too much room to explain to the general populace than a simple blog post. Sorry for the rant. It is just funny that Endora so eloquently stated what should be obvious to the (for serious lack of a better term) "muggles."

Ugh! Derision and prejudice take us all. God, save me from your followers!


Blessed bees in your garden!

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