Tuesday, February 3, 2009

2009 Imbolg


Okay, so because I haven't gotten around to setting up the blog at AdvancedAstrologySecrets.com yet, and Imbolg is happening RIGHT NOW, I figured I really should get this in for anyone wanting info at the last minute. I will try to be more prompt with future sabbats and esbats.

Yule 2008/9 was a great beginning for anyone who laid plans then. If you missed your chance, the new moon that ends Imbolc/Imbolg 2009 is a "second chance" to reboot the year. You still have 7/8th (of the year) left, so there is a lot of interesting fun still to come, and time to enjoy it.

Imbolc this year stated with the moon in Taurus trining first Merc and then Mars (both in Crappycorn). This played hell on the intellect, but drove the kundalini to record highs, given the rest of the circumstances. The sun is mid-Winter, so we are at the first marking point of progress away from all-ahead STOP. The dead-zone is officially passed (Samhain-Imbolc/g) during this time and the essence of Spring is preparing itself for its time on stage. Make no mistake, the sun is still hobbling along, but this is a time of recovery from injury, a time of growing within the womb, and the first sprouts through the snow. This is a season of early-adopters and the last thrall of the pioneers.

What this means to you:

Technology. It's a grreat time to familiarize yourself with it, bond with it, and incorporate it into your magical/psychological existence. Don't strain, simply look to see if you can do this at this time. It is a time of thawing out things that have been in deep storage, a time of renewals and healing, for in 8 short weeks it will be solar sunrise--and that will be time to spring into action. That makes this a time of preparation. Early risers will have the (magical) jump on the world come spring. That means planning and practice at this time. These are general advisories, as one specific idea may not pertain to YOUR current karmic path. These are clues, breadcrumbs, and you need to make the connections in YOUR life at this time.

More on the ritual though. The time of sensuality is passing even now, and translating into the time for dissemination of information (hence the bl0g--duh) and next will come time for meditation, revelation, new ideas, new ways of doing things. Note the time of the post on this blog. For those of you who are already listening (to yourselves* and your guides, not to me) you will have ideas already assaulting you--new ways of doing things, things that seem small in and of themselves, but have huge impact on your life overall, especially over the next few months, should be rattling around in your brain right now. If not, relax, focus (gently) on your passions, and seek (desire, ask for, expect, search out [PME]) answers that BRIDGE (Moon is early Gemini) from where you are to where you want to be.

Revelation is forthcoming. Meditation on the 4th is crucial. Spend time learning, doing, and meditating. Moon crosses Jupiter on its way to the sun, meaning ideas MUST become action in order to cement "lasting" progress. This is a wish-making time. (yaay)

Meditate, dream, visualize, then translate received ideas into small or large actions, but they must be physical and they must be congruent with your goals and passions. Once this is done, the Moon will leave Imbolg behind and dance with Neptune, who will carry these energies you have cemented into the ether. The more clear you are now, the more powerful your magic will be. The more clear your desire and action based on that, the stronger the habit formed, the more potent your wish, the more solid your destiny.

It's actually really easy at this time, but I wanted to show you some of the processes involved. Read this again if you got confused, and then take action. Next year's Imbolc/g will be different, so we will see what happens then. But right now "change" IS in the air. Circumstance the world over reflects that--not guides it. This was not so much predestined as it was opportunity meeting preparation (good formula for producing luck).

When you do your ritual/celebration/meditation, or prayers, remember these influences and causes so that you can enhance your results and get WHAT YOU WANT, not mixed, or diluted results. I will be back with more, hopefully at blog.advancedastrologysecrets.com (not set up at this writing), in time for the equinox. In the meantime, I will add Tarot information here.

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

Note: ("For those of you who are already listening to yourselves*") Okay, this is from the mystery school, but also you can get the answers from Aphrodite's Book of Secrets [ABoS] or the Advanced Tarot Secrets workbook. Simply put: The path of the fey is not as ham-handed as the more Western magical practices. Obviously far too much to lay out in a simple blog post footnote, but here goes anyway: Faerie magic involves self-education and awareness enhancement (e.g. steps along the path of enlightenment) but simultaneously at least a basic understanding of and communion with Nature ("Her"), and a fervent love for "Her." It is not so much of an instructional path of equations and formulas as it is an existence. It is part and parcel to Buddahood, but an angle of it, or a ray (as in a ray of sunlight--again, just too much to detail herein). The point is to train to grow, train to experience, and train to evolve. Magical learning cannot be purely intellectual or formulaic. Alchemical changes cannot be simply produced from measured means (normally found in Western magical practices).

Learning to hear or listen to yourself involves whispers from inside and reflects your own voice (an understanding of Huna, or even Hinduism, in a pinch, would really help grasp this quickly) and that OF you, but is beyond you, or physical, but not THIS physical you. In any case, the good news is that it is natural, not something someone can hand you a book on, or recite words over you and conjure up magically.
You can get there and no one can make you it, nor can they prevent you from being it (except through that old devil distraction, which is a demon most foul!) You can learn it and you can learn much of it by reading or working with a qualified teacher, but the journey is really yours to experience, preferably with friends. Blah, blah, blah.

Okay, enough of this. This is sounding preachy and cryptic. Visit the forums at advancedtarotsecrets.com if you want to really get into this discussion. Otherwise, make your wish and see actual, tangible results. All we offer is proof. We have nothing to sell here.

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