Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Free copies of the new Tarot book available for review

Hey kids,

If you know NOTHING (or very little) about the Tarot,
but you want to learn the Tarot (absolutely f-r-e-e), you should probably read this particular post.

I thought I'd kick off the new blog with the simple announcement that
The Easiest Way to Learn the Tarot--EVER!! is being published on the equinox, and therefore I have made a handful of copies available for last-minute student reviews. So far the most respected Tarot experts in the world love it, but the real test is whether students like this book, and whether they can easily learn the Tarot by using it, with-or-without a teacher.

So I decided to open the entire book to scrutiny from anyone who wants to use it, learn from it, and give me their opinion of it by no later than March 7th, 2009. Simply put, if you would like to get your hands on a FREE COPY of this book, you had better email me ASAP, before available copies are gone, and definitely before Valentine's day. I am looking for brave souls who will share their thoughts and feelings about this book--and in turn YOUR NAME and YOUR COMMENTS will be put on the front page, where the world can see what you have to say about this historical and unique method of teaching the Tarot. Will you be compensated? Well, you will get a free book, but you won't be paid, as that would defeat the purpose of getting your feedback. I am not looking for someone I can pay to say nice things about me. I am looking for someone who really WANTS to learn the Tarot, who will enjoy this book and use it (and then hopefully say nice things about me!)

I am not looking for Tarot teachers or Tarot authors at the moment, but if you are either and want to say hello, please, by all means do so. I already have rave reviews from experts. The less you know about the Tarot, the more I want you to learn the Tarot. It will change your life (for the better) and it is fun, easy to learn, and will not bore you, even after years of deeper study.

So, after all that--if you have a 4-20 hours a week to read and practice ("a little bit each day") and you really want to MASTER the Tarot without having to slog through yet another boring book on the Tarot here's what you need to do:

1: Head over to AdvancedTarotSecrets.com and look at the sneak-preview of the book. If you like what you see and you want a free copy of this book (before Valentine's day) you need to:

2: Email me, private message me, join and post in the ATS forum (it's on the website and it is free as well), or post a comment here with a link where I can reach you. But do not hesitate, or your book will not be free.

Okay, next time I will start posting actual Tarot insights and lessons. This free book offer is strictly a one-time deal, as it is costing me money to buy and mail out copies from my publisher, out of my own pocket. All comments are welcome. Thanks for reading.

Dusty White

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