Monday, July 15, 2013

What makes YOU so special? (as a tarot reader) Finding your U.S.P.

There are far too many people who own a tarot deck these days who think they can read the future. They all need to be--


I hope you didn't think I was going to say "shot." The problem is that there are so few decent handbooks on how to master the Tarot. There are several hundred that promise to teach you how to read cards in fiver or ten minutes, or how to amaze your friends and see into the future, but seriously. There is a LOT more to accurately predicting the future, or helping find your neighbor's lost dog, than memorizing the meanings of the cards, studying numerology, or converting to Kabbalism. If you want to make $100-$1,000 an hour (and yes, you can make a LOT more than that) you need to know what I know.

. . .  which is why it is good that I am such a blabbermouth. I sincerely want to help you, which is why I give away free audio, video, and written Tarot lessons ( There is no catch. Just sign up and get our emails two to three times a month, maybe four if we actually show up for work. You can even get your need for instant gratification filled by watching some free videos here if you like: (

But let's get you on the path to Tarot fame and fortune right now:

You need a U.S.P. That is a marketing term that means "unique selling proposition," or something special about you that makes you stand out from an overcrowded world of Tarot enthusiasts all wanting to make money reading cards. There are several ways you can make a LOT of money reading the Tarot, but the first thing you really should do is to decide what it is that you really WANT to do. This gets into that "Know Thyself" thing that was on Delphi a million years ago. You have to figure out who you are, and what you like. Your day job is something you do to pay for your lifestyle. My lifestyle is something that pays for my breathing and eating habits, and my desire to sleep on a comfy bed. I would like to see you quit your day job and enter your lifestyle as a career. But we must find out what you like doing and focus on that, and only that area of your life.

Let's forget the psychic hotlines, free Internet readings, video readings over the Internet, and those "$5 specials" we see at retail locations all over the world. We want to enter the secret world of the professional astrologers and Tarot readers who make more money than most people do every year, reading for corporate clients and governmental agencies. To land one of these cush jobs you need "mad skillz" (which I am teaching you every week), and a head for business. The top experts in the world know their "niche." Yeah, I am speaking marketingese again. They have a U.S.P., whether it is financial planning experience enhanced by their ability to get additional information from the divine, or medical astrological knowledge, Tarot dowsing ability that allows them to find anything--or anyone--can you imagine trying to run from a trained Tarot bounty Hunter? Woof!

Dowsing with your deck can allow you to hunt for buried treasure, help police find missing children (and won't their parents be happy). This is not a parlor trick, and it is not some esoteric skill you can only learn by joining an order so secret that you don't know they exist until you are a member. It takes discipline and careful, thoughtful practice. It takes patience to learn and a desire to be better than the stock-in-trade readers who have read a few books and applied for a job online.

What if you could help your clients CHANGE their future? What if you could help them physically manifest what they wanted for their business, even against the odds. Napoleon Hill proved this can be done--and I say that it can be done even better with Tarot cards. Your cards act like a lens, or a focal point, that helps you tighten your focus, and psychic punch, to churn out what the unenlightened call "miracles." You can do this for yourself, and you can do it for your clients.

Blatant ad: Look, if you don't know how to do this, cough up 22 bucks and get a copy of Advanced Tarot Secrets on Amazon or at your favorite local metaphysical store (they won't have it in stock, but if you tell them I told you to buy it from them instead of Amazon they might carry it).

What else can you do with the tarot? Why not focus on relationships, if you have experience and expertise as a counselor on that subject? I do.

My point is this: You can do or be anything you want--including mediocre, just like so many others who fail to open their eyes to the possibilities the Tarot gives to you. You can choose your profession. You can make money every day (that you feel like working) doing exactly what you want with the Tarot, but you have to find your (here it comes again) "U.S.P." Don't worry, I don't like that term much either, but it makes sense. If you are going to be a jack-of-all-trades reader you will probably never earn a decent ($100k+ /year) living from the Tarot. So why do it? It takes no more effort to do what you like, and get paid sick amounts of money for it, as it does to just follow the herd, read the same books that everyone else is, or worse: trying to scrounge free information from the Internet and become a Tarot ninja.

Specialize. Choose your path. Make a list of things you would like to do with the Tarot. Put your brain to work and make it reveal what your life's purpose is. Make your work with the Tarot an extension of that. Too many people fail to take their Tarot studies seriously. I see this every day. When the message gets hollowed out by too many people trying to make easy money, the entire structure fails. Nowhere is this more true than in metaphysics.


Stand out by standing for something. (Yourself)

Know you--and know HOW you help your clients. Don't "just read anything for anyone." Find your specialty and raise your rates. ONLY accept clients who need what you can provide. Then use everything I teach you to stun them. You should be seeing 20-50% tips on a regular basis, and even 100% tips occasionally. THAT is how good you need to be to play in the big leagues. Get yourself trained (I will do it--so will qualified teachers all over the globe: pick one). Get your head straight. Get off of the crack pipe of "general readings" and get yourself an area of expertise and study "real life" information about that so you can prepare your intuition to blend more completely with your conscious awareness.

All you have to do is click your heels three times.

Anyway, thanks for being here. Tell me what YOU think.

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  1. Bought the book--off Amazon--and I'm really loving it. And I've been reading tarot and studying qabala for...decades! Thx Dusty.