Tuesday, July 2, 2013

How to develop your power of focus by using your tarot cards

The ability to focus is essential in any form of divination or manifestation. To date the Tarot is one of the best tools developed for strengthening your focus (because my deck has not been released to the public yet).

If you want to transcend the mundane run-of-the mill Tarot readings (memorized meanings superstitions, and artificial systems of interpretation) too many readers give you must be able to achieve a level of focus not taught outside of a mystery school or temple. This week we had a lesson in focus. If you missed it but would like to sign up for our free Tarot lessons (written lessons, audio lessons, videos--all free, all taught by experts) please click here.

Right now let's just consider what this skill allows you to do when you have been properly trained. The Tarot is simply a set of cards with images on them. To bring out the amazing results masters and professionals do every day you need to strengthen your focal powers. Your clients are coming to you with problems (or if you  are your own client than you come with problems) and their concerns are a weight on your mind as you seek answers. It is a pressure as if you are being sat on. You are being watched and judged while you "perform on stage." You are in the spotlight, doing your thing, while one or more people sit expectantly awaiting you to work your magic. Pressure like this in any field of endeavor is bad enough but when you add the fact that the nature of Tarot is that you have to open yourself up psychically (which is eerily similar to opening yourself up emotionally), and now you are absorbing that pressure into you while you are searching psychically (feeling around like an ant with your invisible antennae) for the threads that connect the question to the answer.

The cards help you focus. When we attempt psychometry (scrying or fire/crystal gazing, holding an object . . .) we have no "easy tool" like a deck of cards to help us. The images on the tarot cards point us at the answers we seek but they do not do the work for us. We need to expand our awareness and simultaneously tune out competing sensory input. I cover this in great detail in the new book (Advanced Tarot Secrets), which just went to the editor last night (9 p.m. Pacific). I want you to focus your attention on the question you are asking and allow your awareness to "breathe in" a bit more information, but keep your eye on the cards, or your shuffling, or the images in front of you. It is a bit of a balancing act, like the 2 of Coins, where you are keeping the question you ask front and center in your mind, followed by the cards, and then your client at a distant third.

This is the process of channeling by the way. It requires moving your conscious awareness around inside your brain. I remember an exercise long ago, from my early days, when I was told to move my consciousness around various parts of my body. It seemed ridiculous at the time but I did it anyway. It was hard! This is much easier, but it still requires effort and discipline--but we are correctly reading the future here not learning how to make a bowl of cereal. The more intelligently applied effort you put into this the more powerful you will be, and the exorbitant rates you will command.

Work on your focus. Study your cards while other people are talking, or the TV is on. Don't "read" and drive, but find ways to challenge yourself to split your attention in two, and then in thirds as you go about your daily duties, and include your cards--and questions--in the mix. You will be stunned at what you can do once you master this one facet of reading.

Thanks for being here. More next week, please let me know what you think.

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