Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Beltane is coming!

But first we have Imbolg! Check your calendars. On or around feb 7th it will be 15 degrees Aquarius. The "Fixed," or middle (dead-center) of Winter. It's check-up time. Every 8.5 weeks you get to do a self-progress report. Are things going well? How are those New Year's resolutions (you hopefully made at Yule) going? We have one more week to cram before the big test. Are you moving in the direction you like?

This year started with Merc. retrograde (in Sag!) so plans change--and we are expected to adapt. I have seen this already in my own life. Press on. So . . . time to think of how you are doing. Is "it" working for you right now? Next check up in 9-10 weeks!

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