Friday, December 17, 2010

Strength and Justice

I just read a very thoughtful post at It was a joy to read, but the opening argument was based on flawed information (IMHO) so I commented as thus:

"Naturally, with the symbolism present in the cards, Justice would correspond astrologically with Libra, and Strength with Leo."

(to which I replied)

Au contraire my friend.

I would like to put forth that Justice implies authority. 8 is a Capricorn number, being the doubling of eight, or the re-doubling of two upon itself. The square is the first dimensional shape (dot(1), circle(2), triangle(3), square(4)...)  that presents opposing forces in a structure capable of reinforcing itself ==> [X]. Anyway, the doubling of rigidity and structure coupled with authority and rule of law (e.g. "justice") infer Justice has an affinity to Capricorn. Libra is a possibility, but Justice ignores the primary traits of Libra, being beauty, partnership, and group thinking. Executive authority and decision-making (e.g. "dispensing justice") are Saturnarian. I realize I am challenging the ancients, but those bozos thought the earth was the center of the universe and that the Tarot came from Egypt. So: I am officially challenging the ancient "Tarot experts."

Secondly, Strength is more representational of Aquarius than Leo. First, the card number is 11 (the eleventh house is that of Aquarius--which is also ruled by Saturn--more on this later).  The emphasis is control of the beast, not the strength of the beast. The beast (or lion, if you prefer) can be seen as the animus, or the egoic need for expression, individuality, survival. The opposition of Aquarius (Saturn) to Leo (Sun) is the clash of the Titans, the individual railing against the responsibilities of life as part of a collective.

Without turning this into a complete tirade, I respectfully submit that these two cards represent the signs above, as it makes sense when one takes the time to understand astrology, and the Tarot as it tries to assimilate astrology into itself.

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