Monday, December 13, 2010

New Astrology for Witched podcast (episode 4) is up! Easy Tarot Podcast coming in 2 weeks!

Cairelle and i talk all about why MOST people's New Year's resolutions DON'T work, and how to make sure that yours do, how to get out of jail (free) or escape anything really, how to manifest Sagittarius energy for all kinds of purposes, including but not limited to: dreaming up new things, making instant miracles happen, transmuting chaos into purpose and form, how to save your butt at the last minute, the revenge of the pop-tart faerie, Gemini versus Sag (it's like Godzilla versus Mothra), some stuff about triads that is sure to confuse everyone, complaining about old people, Christmas Tree magic! And soooo much more. (Really--we went on for 2 hours). Lots of fun and stuff you won't learn anywhere else in the universe! I promise! 

Please tell your friends!

Oh yeah--Here is a visualization of what we can expect on this Yule (December 21st!) Noe hoe the moon will be fully eclipsed by the earth.

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