Tuesday, October 26, 2010

New fun Tarot game just started! :-)


For anyone who has a copy of my book (The Easiest Way to Learn the Tarot--EVER!!, not the one on training your dog to do yoga), or anyone who just wants to have some fun, one of my students just started a fun online game of Tarot tag based on Exercise Two from the workbook. The exercise is called "This happens to me, and this happens to you!" and builds Tarot comparison skills in a fun, relaxed, no-pressure environment.

So the game is a simple daisy-chain of getting a card recommended to you. You have to spot-analyze it and pull a random card for someone else. Do this in a FUN way, based on what the card says to you. No need to get too deep. This is supposed to be enjoyed, not stressed over. They will log in and take a turn at pointing out what they see and leaving a card for someone else. The game is called Breadcrumbs, or Hanzel and Gretel.

Here is an example of the game from my workbook:

Me: 4/Pents

My cheap boss refuses to give me a raise! I didn't like him anyway.

You: Knight of Pents

I have so much money, I need to stop and think about where to invest it.

Anyway, it's free, and if you wanna have a bit of short-attention fun fin a game of forum tag, it's over on my server. Not to worry, I am not trying to lure anyone away. This is my home. But as my student created the game on the site that is devoted to learning the Tarot, I am gonna leave it there. If you are interested, it's over here:

(you have to log in first) http://forums.advancedtarotsecrets.com/

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