Monday, February 9, 2015

Information on the new site (Feb 8th)

Hey everybody, here's a quick update on what is going on, and when you can expect it to happen.

The new tarot academy site is built but we still need to load it up with lots of fun tarot goodies. Most of this will take time, but I want to have all of the existing podcasts, videos, and articles in one place so that we can keep adding to them. More will be added every week, and I will email you guys the links to the free lessons. Just in case you are reading this and you did not get a chance to sign up for our free tarot lessons please click here for your free weekly tarot lessons.

I will be hosting a handful of free tarot workshops before we open the new site to the public. I will email everyone the links as these get set up, so make sure that you have signed up (above). These will be 60 minute tarot lessons with a Q&A session immediately after, where you can ask me anything about the tarot. I will also try to get some new videos and podcasts out before the new educational site is launched.

What is going on behind the curtains is that the decks are being printed and cut, and sadly the timing has ruined our chances of boxing them up as they should be without delaying them another two months. I dropped the ball. I simply was trying to do too much on my own and Chinese New Year came upon us (technically it is on the 19th, but the entire industry is shutting down for a few weeks, so no chance of getting boxes made and printed any time soon). That said, I will see if I can get boxes made after the fact. This is like what happened in 1909 when Art tried to get his deck out on time for the big show. Be that as it may, I will post pics on the site of the entire deck and get these mailed out in the next week or two.

More soon. Thanks for being here. Remember, we have TONS of videos and audio lessons already done if you need free education on the tarot, and the new site will teach even more. Once you are on the mailing list ALL of our public lessons will be available to you and you can go through them in any order you like, at your convenience. If you don't have The Easiest Way to Learn the TarotEVER!! or Advanced Tarot Secrets yet, you can get them by clicking on those links. As always, we recommend this deck to make learning easy and fast. This is the pocket edition (about the size of regular playing cards—much easier to shuffle).

Let me know if you have any questions. :-)



  1. Hey,
    Thanks for sharing such an amazing and informative post. Really enjoyed reading it. :)


  2. Hi Dusty, great work. Just found your first youtube video and tried checking out for your book, but the link is broken (for amazon book). then i went to your main youtube profile and your podcast link is also broken! you are loosing customers :) say hi to santa cruz mountains from me..

    1. Thanks for bring this up. I need to fix those (we are redoing the websites—finally). Thanks for bringing that up.

  3. Hi, I am a tarot card reader in Bangalore. I clicked your link Advanced Tarot Secret, how to find your book in India.

    1. Hi Aadishakti :-) Thanks for asking. I reccomend The Book Depository ( because they ship free anywhere in the world:

      Here is the white book: (The Easiest Way to Learn the Tarot—EVER!!)

      And this is the black book: (Advanced Tarot Secrets)

  4. I am reading, Advanced Tarot Secrets, and it frequently says, "see Aphrodite's Book of Secrets for complete instructions on how to do this." Is there a third book? Or what am I missing?