Tuesday, November 22, 2011

A different way to learn the tarot

Hey kids,

So I have been following something new and as much as I believe in my own style of teaching and thank all of your for allowing me to help you learn the tarot, I have come across a wonderful lady who teaches tarot through video. All it all it is very affordable, being about ten dollars an hour (she just raised her price last week, but only by eight dollars (US) so that is not a big deal.

I could listen to her all day. I love her voice and she is genuinely helpful and very caring in her desire to help people learn the tarot. She offers a few free mini-lessons including a very long tour of her favorite decks. I tried to watch these but failed, however she was entrancing and charming in her presentation. She is completely comfortable in front of a camera and is most likely a professional on-camera reporter or newscaster or something like that.

What this shows me though is that for what she is offering (6 hours of video training) she is qualified for her task and proficient in getting her message across. I disagree with some of her teaching methods (but only mildly) but I want to present her to you because she may be just what *you* are looking for. Even if she is not you really must hear her speak. This is her site:


So, as I come across interesting alternatives to my style of teaching I will let you know, but only if they are top-notch quality and free (or at least mostly free) of outdated superstition or dogma that just gets in the way of you learning and mastering the tarot. Give Laura (that's her name) a listen. My recommendation is to watch her free videos (although you might skip through some of the two "tarot tour" videos as they are extremely in-depth on decks--but she does know her stuff). See if this is something you want to pursue and don't worry about the price. Just pay attention to her. She is very good at what she does and she wants you to learn.

In the meantime, the new site is up and running at www.EasyTarotLessons.com and we have audio and print lessons ongoing, with more being added every week, and I am already looking into video. I wish I could get Laura (above) to record my video lessons for you as she really is a gem.

As always; thanks for reading. :-)

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